New Upcoming show and Solo show at Kochxbos Gallery  » Beyond the Rainbow » January 24th 2015

Great news , Solo show at Kochxbos Gallery  » Beyond the Rainbow » January 24th 2015 – Paintings, toys and wallpaintings- don’t miss the opening 24 of january 2015

- Ciou is edited in the new book  » Lowbrow Cats » edited by Graffito books, UK , with an introducing by Ray Caesar. Pop surrealism, dreams, and always arresting felines come together in a hypnotic collection featuring over 50 lowbrow artists The cat is a constantly recurring motif in pop-surrealism, kustom art, and other forms of lowbrow—probably unsurprisingly so. An amazing number of the most recognized artists in the genre have produced some eye-popping work featuring. cats. more info :

Also art  Fair and group show in 2015  :

Little Topia, art fair Los Angeles, January 2015

Dreamland, curated by Sweet street , Corey Helford gallery – California, March 2015

BOOK : Ciou collected work, First artbook, edited by Kochxbos publisher, Netherlands, is available online here :

Also the book is available in France at Artsbd website :  and also at  the french comics festival St Malo, october 10, 11 12 at the booth of ArtsBd /Scutella


Ciou and Sweet Street, Portrait and Upcoming show

Ciou is represented by Sweet street for Licensing and merchandising.

Established in 2011, Sweet Streets is a boutique management firm representing a lineup of international female artists.  Sweet Streets artists are primarily based in Japan and have lent their talents to a diverse group of clientele and venues all over the world.  We aspire to the general management of our artist’s careers, events and projects, and the production and promotion of new artwork and merchandise. Key to our goal is supporting each artist’s distinguishable style and valuable voice.  With business based in Los Angeles and satellite office in Tokyo, Sweet Streets maintains international relationships with galleries and retailers to provide our artists with a platform to stretch their horizons.

In the American market, Sweet Streets offers a variety of services from artist representation to creative marketing consulting and licensing. We have organized collaborative projects between our artists and the industry’s top influential girls brands spanning art, music, fashion, toys, and more. Our artists have participated in such projects as in-store installations, animation and toy designs, to leasing their artwork for music albums and celebrity fashion.  Inspired by their talents, we specialize in « kawaii » or cute trends.

For merchandising/licensing inquiries, please contact
and visit for more  information.

here is a link with an interview for sweet street :

ciou ‘bio in Japanese language here :

フランスのアーティスト、Ciouによる夢と悪夢のあいだをさまようもの、“necro-kawaii”(怖カワイイ)キャラクターたち。バッドガールな女子高生たちがノートに落書きするような絵にも似たCiouの描くチャーミングな魔女と動物のペアは、遊び心溢れるダークさを表現している。刺激的だけど甘い、そんな世界の中で、Ciouの描く女の子たちはちょっぴりコワイけど愉快ないきものと仲間になったりと、冒険を楽しんでいる。  Ciouは多種多様な文化から影響を受けており、1930年代、1970年代のアメリカ文化からビクトリア様式やロココ調を取り入れ、それらを日本の伝統的なアートやポップカルチャーのモチーフと融合させている。アクリル絵の具とインクのコラージュの土台となるのは古い医学書、辞書、図鑑などのヴィンテージ・ペーパーや独自のミックスメディアである。鮮やかでサイケデリックな蛍光色は、強迫的なまでに描き込まれた黒い線画との好対照をなしている。Ciouは若くしてコンテンポラリー・ポップアートとロウブロウアートのアーティストの1人として世界に認識され、2004年にニューヨークのFlux Factory Galleryで行われたショウをきっかけとして世界中で作品を発表、2010年にRoq La Rue Galleryで行った「Mysterious Flowers」で個展デビューを果たし、以降はアメリカ、アムステルダム、パリ、バルセロナ、ローマ、ベルリンなどといったヨーロッパの各都市で作品を発表し続けている。2014年にはKochxbosよりイラストレーションブックやアンソロジーを発表。各国のテレビ、雑誌などの媒体でも作品が紹介され、またソフビやデザイナーファッションアクセサリーなどの商品制作にも関わり、エキサイティングなラインアップを発表している。

also new picture by Justin Case, DR Case, Barcelona, inspired by the painting True love parade :

September duo show with Malojo at the White Lady art gallery Dublin, Ireland -Opening september 5th, we will be there, stay Tuned. New artworks are related with the theme of the 4 seasons, a serie called the Monsters of the four seasons will be exhibited for the show . Here a sneak peek of some new artworks

Ciou artbook  » Collected works » Kochxbos Publisher

The beautiful and stunning art by Ciou finally collected in one beautiful book.

144 pages full of vibrant and illuminating art by this Internationally celebrated French artist. With an introduction by Fanny Giniès and many kind words by befriended artists. You will be enjoying this book from first to last page – finding out about her backgrounds – the ins and outs so that in the end you will be looking back at a spectacular art trip. And next time again.

This limited art book was carefully made by one of the best printers and binders in The Netherlands.
KochxBos Publishers  NL- Order your book here, Shipped worldwide :

Signing : Release party and signing 10 of  May at Kochxbos Gallery, Amsterdam – start at 4pm to 8pm – Stickers for free and deluxe edition available at the gallery too

- 13 of May in Toulouse, France at the bookstore  » Terres de Légendes » , 3 signing artists with Malojo and Franeck – and at the festival indélébile 16, 17,18 May , Toulouse, FR

- The book is available in NYC, at the Cotton Candy Machine gallery and the books are already signed with a special small drawing, so here the link to purchase :

Roebling Wall, Cotton Candy machine, wood panel Malojo and Ciou april 2014- Brooklyn, NYC

Roebling Wall is  the Cotton Candy Machine permanent wall on the Roebling street. Malojo and Ciou did a painting on wood panel for the Roebling wall. The other artist who participate are   Jeremy Ville, Dilma drjuchin , Arik Roper and the awesome Skinner. We are very proud to stay on the street in Brooklyn, thanks Cotton Candy Machine – New york, USA  -April 2014

Press around the 3 artists show at the Cotton Candy Machine gallery , NY -with Malojo and Dima Drjuchin :)

Opening pictures  » 3 artists show at the Cotton Candy Machine gallery , NY – Ciou, Malojo and Dima Drjuchin

3 artists show at the Cotton Candy Machine gallery , NY -with Malojo and Dima Drjuchin

Ciou / Malojo / Dima Drjuchin -show April 5th to May 4th-
Opening Event Friday April 5th – 7PM to 11PM

Cotton candy Machine gallery, 235 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 , USA

more info :

Wallpainting and installation with Malojo.

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